Planning & Booking Wedding Transportation

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, stressful, and happy at the same time. There is more than enough chaos with last-minute wedding jitters, where the bridesmaids and bridegrooms are, other guests beginning to arrive at the venue and the best man getting stuck in traffic. Amid all the chaos, someone needs to ensure that transportation for the wedding party on the day of the wedding gets the careful consideration it deserves. Hiring a Maine transportation service to get to and from the wedding venue and the wedding reception is something you can plan in advance –unlike the last-minute run to the tailor’s because the suit/gown isn’t fitting right any more. Compare our prices to those of other Maine transportation services and see the difference. It may be a smart move to include transportation for the wedding party – if not the guests – in your budget. Let us share some tried and true tips for planning your wedding transportation.

• Establish a Timeline

The basic point to consider while planning on booking a wedding transportation services in Maine is to establish a timeline. While you may not have the details of your wedding day down the last second, you need to have a basic idea about how your day will be spent and where. Take everything into account like your makeup, hair session and the wedding photographer, and establish how much time you need for all of them. Once you have established a timeline, start contact transportation rental companies like Hayward Transportation LLC in advance (like a month or two) before the event. This will save you time and a lot of hassle as the day to your wedding draws closer.

• Account for Costs

Your finances have established in everything ranging from the center point of your jewelry to your wedding dress and a wedding transportation services in Maine is no exception. Consider everything in your budget while booking from the cost of mileage to per hour rate and the total distance covered during the travel. Most transportation companies will charge a minimum of three to four hour rates depending on which vehicle you rent and your residence. A bonus tip here is to see the vehicle up close to check if it has enough room to hold your group and whether the air conditioner is operational (if getting married in summer).

• Whom to Hire a Transportation Service

Before deciding to rent a Maine transportation service, get a headcount to ensure that there is enough space for everyone. While you are not obliged to arrange transportation for everyone attending the wedding, there are some people you’ll want arriving on time and without any hassle. These would include the wedding party, parents, siblings, and grandparents. You may need to hire a transportation services in Maine for close relatives or out-of-town guests, as well. It’ll feel good knowing that everyone will be arriving safely and on time on your big day.

• Get a Written Agreement

Once you have chosen a Maine transportation services and have an estimate of what it’ll cost you to transport all those you want transportation for, it is time to put it all in writing. Read all the terms and conditions, the required deposit, refund policy, distance to travel, type of vehicle, exact timings, and the per-hour rate for overtime. It is important to ask for the pricing inclusive of tax, as sometimes the pricing doesn’t account for tax. Do not forget to verify that the chauffeur/drivers is/are licensed and the vehicle(s) is/are insured.

• Make Preparations

After having chosen a transportation services in Maine and have established the costs and agreements. It is time to email the service provider with the details of your travels along with all the necessary alternate routes in case of traffic jams. It will be wise to have the contact numbers of your brother or anyone else along with your own in case the transportation company needs to call you in any direction.

Arranging a Maine transportation services for your guests and attendees is not an easy job as you need to have the exact number of guests in mind, along with an allocated budget for the activity. However, you must book a service early on to avoid any mishap before or during your big day regarding the arrival of your guests.

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